Sep 16

Mustangs Helping Mustangs

In response to the devastating fire in Lake County,
the SVHS community will be raising funds over the next few weeks in support our fellow Mustangs of Middletown HS.
  • SVHS Leadership class is holding a pancake breakfast this Friday, September 18th in Tillman Hall,7:00 – 8:00 am.  Admission to the breakfast is $5 and SVHS students who attend will be allowed to wear pajamas for the remainder of the school day.  We are extending the invitation to the breakfast to all of our families as well as the families from St. Vincent Elementary.   If any of our parents can help donate items to best maximize our donation to Middletown it would be greatly appreciated.  Donations of pre-cooked bacon, juice, fruit, syrup, paper plates, forks and napkins will be accepted in the front office all week.
  • SVHS will also be accepting ongoing donations for the Middletown High School community.  We will accept cash and checks (made to SVHS for now) as well as scrip cards. Walmart is the preferred card at this time.  Donations of Target, Big 5 and Dick’s Sporting Goods scrip cards are appreciated as well.  These can also be dropped off in the front office at any time.
  • Each of our sports teams will be holding bake sales during home games.
  • The football team will be collecting donations in fire fighter boots during drop off and pick up.
We are in regular contact with the administration at Middletown.  They are aware and very appreciative of our support.  All donations will be held here at SVHS until the chaos has settled a bit and they are able to designate a fund account to aid the Middletown HS fire victims.
If you have any questions please contact
Debra Sammon 707-763-1032 ext.113

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