May 13

Lowry No-Hits Tech HS

Senior Ryan Lowry pitched a no-hitter yesterday as the Mustang Varsity baseball team defeated Technology HS 14-0 in 5 innings. Along with the no hits, Lowry walked only 2 and struck out 5. Leading hitters for the Mustangs were George Sammon 1×1, Sky Doble 1×1 (triple, 3 RBI), Dominic Pedersen 1×2 (double, 2 RBI), Reilly Tobin 1×2 (RBI), and Trevor Bovaird 1×2 (3 RBI). St. Vincent is now tied with Sonoma Academy for 1st place in league as the Coyotes had a disappointing loss to Rincon Valley Christian 11-1. The Mustangs will take on Rincon Valley on Tuesday, and there could be some surprises in store for all 3 schools (St. Vincent, RVC, and Sonoma Academy) as the season begins to wind down. One of those surprises could be a possible 3-way tie for first place – stay tuned!

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