Oct 11

SV French students Travel to France April 2014

French students will travel to France for Spring Break next April with Mrs. Broderick and Ms. Dolcini. They will land in Paris, the City of Light, for a three day visit, followed by a ride on the fast train down to the South of France to see Roman sites and impressionist paintings. They’ll finish on the Riviera┬átouring Nice and Monaco.
Allez, Bon Voyage!!!

Why study French? Mrs. Broderick says, “I’m not sure how long French has been at SV, but I’ve been teaching it 17 years. French is still very much the language of diplomacy, alongside English, at the United Nations. It’s also the second most popular language used on the Internet and in business around the world.

“French high tech is pretty impressive. Most people don’t know they had a system that was the precursor to the internet called ‘Minitel.’ The fast train, or TGV, holds the speed record of 357 mph, and the French invented HDTV and helped bring about the magnetic strip technology used for credit cards.

“Jeans or “denim” were found in France from the town of Nimes (‘de-Nimes’) in the south of France and there are so many scientists and engineers: Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Gustave Eiffel, to name a few. The Human Genome project is located in Paris. The French have been pioneers in aviation and film, and Louis Braille invented Braille for the blind. French-American friendship has endured for centuries, from the French Revolution through our American Revolution to WWII.




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